US Defense Contractor Lockheed Martin Incorporates Blockchain Tech

The world’s largest defense contractor has announced its plan to integrate blockchain technology into a number of key development processes and operations.

Lockheed Martin has laid claim to being the first US defense contractor to incorporate blockchain technology into its development processes, promising increased efficiency in its operations with the US federal government.

The Maryland-based defense giant is aiming to incorporate blockchain technology into ‘system engineering processes, supply chain risk management and software development efforts,’ pointing to a wide implementation of the technology powering the likes of bitcoin. Lockheed Martin is perhaps best known as the developer of aircraft such as the F-16 fighter, the Black Hawk helicopter and the stealth Blackbird. With revenues of over $45 billion (2015 figures), the company also develops everything from robotics to missiles to satellites.

The defense contractor has contracted Guardtime, a Virginia-based collective of cryptographers, developers and security researchers that claims to be the ‘world’s largest blockchain company by revenue, headcount and actual customer deployments.’ Other notable contracts see the blockchain developer tasked to secure the likes of nuclear power plants and other critical infrastructure installations in the United Kingdom.

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