Dash Partnership With Coinapult Lets Users Trade In 20 Fiat Currencies

Dash has partnered with Coinapult, a wallet that lets users trade the cryptocurrency in 20 fiat currencies on account of its partnership with Crypto Capital, which has a global transmitter license.

By opening an account with Coinapult, customers immediately get a Dash wallet. By also opening an account with Crypto Capital, they can deposit money to Coinapult to instantly buy Dash.

Customers get their own segregated account with Crypto Capital, fully integrated with Coinapult. They can wire funds from their bank to their Crypto Capital account. The money in the Crypto Capital account is always available to wire out via an online platform.

20 Fiat Currencies

Accepted fiat currencies include USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, CNY, AUD, JPY, HKD (Hong Kong Dollar), TRY (Turkish Lira), CZK (Czech Republic Koruna) and PLN (Polish Zloty).
“This integration is massive for current and future Dash users because they really solve the question on how to buy and sell Dash in an easy and safe way using fiat,” said Daniel Diaz, Dash’s vice president of business development. “You get a digital currency on/off ramp that is directly connected with a fully functioning, money-transmitting platform similar to online banking.”


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