Bitcoin Dev Gavin Andresen: Samson Mow and Greg Maxwell = “Toxic Trolls”

Gavin Andresen, who has largely retired from Bitcoin work, took Samson Mow and Greg Maxwell to task for their “toxic” trolling. While Maxwell would probably not agree with the characterization, Mow is legendary for his trolling. Mow trolled anti-Blockstream people so much that he eventually got himself a job at the company.

Andresen released a new service which verifies whether sources of randomness are actually random recently, called the Random Sanity Project. He then put out a call on Twitter for people to help him by testing the service as well as potentially find vulnerabilities. Someone posted this to the r/BTC subreddit – the one which Roger Ver and others who were recently engaged in an attempt to thwart what they see as control of Bitcoin from Bitcoin Core – and Gregory Maxwell (u/nullc) responded with some level of vitriol:
This is a fantastic celebration for bamboozlement day, a private key testing service. Good to see that someone has a good sense of humor.
He also engaged Andresen in a back-and-forth that quickly turned ugly.
Andresen was responding to a concern by one person, u/mWo12, who was wondering if this was such a great idea.

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