Coinbase Customer Files Motion to Block IRS Acesss of Bitcoin Users’ Info

Acustomer from bitcoin exchange Coinbase has filed a motion[PDF] in a San Francisco federal court to block the Internal Revenue Service from accessing transaction records of bitcoin users.

The IRS filed a civil petition on November 17, targeting transaction records of bitcoiners registered with the exchange between January 2013 and December 2015. On December 1, a federal judge approved the IRS summons demanding Coinbase to reveal the transaction records.

An excerpt from the introduction of the motion filed by the unnamed customer in response to the IRS request reads:

[B]ased on three isolated incidents and scant other facts, the IRS seeks that Coinbase identify over 1 million American citizens that have transacted in virtual currency and to provide data on every single transaction by those 1 million clients over a 3-year period.
This fact is stated several times within its motions.

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