Speculation of a Major Bank's Bitcoin Wallet Is False

Contrary to speculation and discussion from earlier today, Dutch banking giant ABN AMRO is not working on or releasing a bitcoin wallet to its customers as a part of its banking services.
From the Innovation Centre of ABN AMRO, we follow the development of bitcoin closely. At present, we examine whether the Netherlands is a need for an ABN AMRO Bitcoinwallet. Managing your bitcoinwallet hereby takes place through the secure environment of ABN AMRO. 
 The wallet offering claimed to offer secure transactions for both business and personal needs, with bitcoin.

Understandably, the web page stoked the curiosity of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and observers.

However, an ABN AMRO representative has since revealed that the survey was a part of a dormant early project from the bank’s Innovation Centre and has been shelved ever since. The webpage was taken down not long after. The cached version can be found here.

On social media, one representative for the bank stated that the project’s unexpected appearance on a webpage was a “mystery” and that the bank is investigating the matter internally.

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