Keanu Reeves, Narrator of Deep Web, Starts Filming Replica

Replicas, an upcoming American science fiction thriller directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff and Chad St. John, stars bitcoin enthusiast Keanu Reeves. It’s started filming this week in Puerto Rico, marking the start of the countdown to the star’s next film.

The film is said to revolve around a synthetic biologist who wants his family back after a tragic car accident takes the life of his child and wife. He goes up against the government, the police and even the laws of science to bring them back in this forthcoming sci-fi thriller.

Reeves stars as Will Foster, the neuroscientist at the center of the film’s plot. The film, ordered by Riverstone Pictures and Remstar Studios, will be produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Stephen Hamel. Reeves, Mark Gao and Luis A. Riefkohl will also share production duties. Principal photography began August 10, 2016 in Puerto Rico – where many films and television series are doing projects – and filming started this month, according to various film blogs.

The sci-fi thriller cast Reeves two years ago. Not much has been announced since. But, Keeves, who narrated a Bitcoin documentary called Deep Web, is already busy on the new project, which should give fans of the famous actor something for which to be excited.

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