Casinority Sniffs Out Shady Casinos to Keep Gamblers Safe

Today, online gamblers have an essentially endless variety of websites to choose from when looking for places to win some money. Not all of them are safe and legitimate though, and it is impossible for a single person to evaluate each casino. Therefore, the team behind Casinority has made it their goal to compile a list of the most trustworthy casinos on the Internet, so players can be sure the stakes are fair when putting their money on the line.
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Casinority Catches Bad Casinos So You Don’t Have to

Composed of online gambling experts, the Casinority team researches and reviews many different online casinos, evaluating them based on their technical strength, software security and customer support. Then, reviewers create accounts at the casinos and put some real money on the line, seeing what the gaming experience will be like for customers.
“Many users reported that casino win rates and payout[s] tend to drop drastically as soon as a player deposits real money to a casino,” Casinority’s website states. “We put in some real money by creating a real account in the casino, and start gambling for that real money to see how it works when some true bucks have been thrown in.”
By testing casinos with real money, Casinority says they “always know if some shit like [decreased payouts] is gonna happen, because we really play games in real casinos.”
In addition to gaming, reviewers inspect deposit and withdrawal processes. “It goes without saying,” the website reports, “money transfer process[es] are risky too. Not only due to possible scams, but also because of security issues.”
If reviewers detect any kind of fraud or suspicious activity at a casino, Casinority immediately adds the business to their blacklist, a compilation of gambling websites that should be avoided.
The top 6 businesses earn a spot on the front page of the Casinority website, displaying the number of games offered by the casinos, the payout percentage, and a link to the casino’s official review.
The team urges patience and due diligence when choosing an online gambling site. “We never recommend that kind of haste when someone mindlessly rushes to the nearest slots to play for real money and shortly ends up with a hole in the pocket,” their website says. Instead, Casinority suggests that potential gamers read reviews, and carefully study their frequently asked questions list, which can be found here.
For more information, visit the Casinority website.

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